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Even if you're not sure of which area you want to focus on or when, if you're still here is because at least you're curious about how you could improve your body or home (or both). 

Marcia can help you on each area individually, or coach in both areas at the same time.

Because she wants to make sure she is able to help you in what you need indeed, she always tries to have a conversation with her prospects in order to find out if you're both a good fit.

Booking a free Discovery Call is the first step, where you can go through your goals and get guided through the best way to go about it. This call will be sure worth your time, as Marcia always likes to add value to all the interactions she has with her clients, even at early stages.

If you have questions about pricing, you can find the information on the "Programs" section of this website. We recommend you to have a look at it, before booking the Discovery Call.

Lower Manhattan
Group coaching or one on one coaching - what's best?

Depending on your area of focus, you can do either. The Inside your Home program, for the moment, is only available as a one on one coaching as it envolves a lot of dedication analyzing each person needs, ways they live in the space and each floor plan. At the end you will get an Interior Design solution.

For the WildFit™ program packages, you can choose the group coaching package as it's always fun to do this by having more people to interact with, sharing the victories, the recipes and even by supporting each other through difficulty. If you have a flexible schedule that allows you to participate in the support calls as defined at the beginning of the program, and like to meet people on the same path as you, that's the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you have a busier schedule and would like a dedicated support from Marcia on a more frequent basis, then the one on one coaching program, will be the best option for you.

Please note that if you book the program Total Inside Out, this is only available as a one on one coaching, because that's the best way to help you as a whole.

2 be Inside Your Body

2 be Inside Your Home

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