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Marcia in her space


Born and raised in Portugal and living in NYC since 2013, I am a Woman, an Architect, a Designer, a Wellness Coach (and even a DJ on my spare time), whose passion for Retail Interior Design led me to become a Sales Manager for different European Furniture Retailers.

While in Portugal, after working a few years for different Architecture firms, I became an Entrepreneur, opening the first Danish Contemporary Furniture Franchise business in my city, together with 2 friends. For 3 years, I ended up having a monthly feature on a TV show in a Women's TV channel (SIC Mulher), where I was giving tips on how to decorate spaces with Design.

After moving to NYC, I became more focused on managing Furniture Retail stores as well as interpersonal relationships between staff and clients. While accessing to all types of brands and projects, I was helping bigger clients - staging / hospitality - and smaller residential projects - helping people to furnish their homes, in a way that was functional and beautiful to them. My personal development path has helped me on growing a different perspective towards Interior Design, from the way I was choosing to work with colors, to the positioning of pieces in a room. After the transformative change that I went through in my health and well-being, and after helping several clients in my professional life I became aware of the void of "the superfluous beautiful design" and  I decided to look for answers on how Interior Design could really serve people, so that they could have a "healthier environment" and promote their Wellness through decoration.

During lockdown in Covid-19, I decided to take the WILDFIT® Coach Certification and study Feng Shui towards Health. As it became so clear to me why the interior of my body and home made such a difference on how I've faced this difficult period!... I couldn't change what was happening outside, but I was happy I had changed my inside, before the lockdown.


Wellness - Body and Home
In a world ever changing and especially after Covid-19, there’s now a multitude of options of furniture and accessories in the online market, so what at first seems easier because everything feels more at reach, it actually ends up being more complicated with too much offer, at the eye of the end consumer which, most of the time ends up buying pieces that aren’t even that practical for what they really need! 

The world of Interior Design is also more affordable than ever, with major online companies offering multiple designers and the possibility of doing online consultations. 
However, most options available to you through those websites are based on aesthetics mainly, and very mass oriented. What if you could have those style needs met, while taking into consideration functionality, sustainability and the energy flow of your space, in what relates to you personally? That's what I am bringing to YOU!
My goal is to give you the home you are dreaming of. And the most important - working within your budget! Either by using existing furniture, a mix of old and new, or all new - with my insights from the behind the scenes of furniture retail, and hey... Even help you to shop some fun 2nd hand pieces! (Let's recycle!)

Because your needs are the most important starting point to me, and because I come from a retail background, I know what's behind the manufacturing process and materials, as well as the real value of the pieces you'll buy.
My work is very personal - I will want to know more about yourself, so that I can work with your energy and your needs, for your space. It’s all about YOU! Because at the end of the day everyone deserves a special place to retreat, and I want you to come home to a place that makes you feel a better YOU. 

When I went through Covid-19 and lockdown, it became even more clear that something had to change. It was already growing on me, 2 yrs into my new lifestyle, when I kept having to explain myself why I wasn't eating refined sugars, even though I wasn't on a "diet". Friends kept saying  "why? Just this one bite!" But when Covid-19 started to affect more people with underlying conditions - and more specifically people suffering from obesity and diabetes were seeing their chances of dying from it increased by 400% -  I felt the urge to offer my transformation tool, to the people interested in loosing weight, transforming their relationship with food, and turning their overall health around. In the end, it was not just about my new figure, the interest I started to have in fitness for the first time, or even in Biohacking. It was about the health benefits that made me go through this virus without barely noticing it. It was about the regeneration of our Planet. That regeneration that started to take place during lockdown and that should continue, if we all started to make our buying decisions from a sustainable point of view - sustainable to our bodies and our planet!

And although I was going through lockdown alone, in my small apartment in the middle of NYC with Mr. Grey (the cat), I felt happy and balanced most of the time. That happened because the way I designed my home was supporting me. So I decided to investigate more about the flow of my own space through the perspective of Feng Shui and I found out that intuitively it was already very good, but there were some small tweaks that I could try to improve and "correct" the minor things. And as more people were having to work from home, I decided I wanted to help more people adjusting the functionality and energy of their home. And that's how 2 be Insidesign was born... As I decided to coach people on the transformation from inside their home and their bodies, for a better energy!

Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional

Certified WildFit Coach 
Interior Designer

Why 2 Be Insidesign?

What clients are saying about Marcia

Fall Salad

“Marcia was such an amazing supportive coach! It really has been a life changing experience for me! My food choices will never be the same again. I am excited with the positive transformation and amazing progress I have made with choosing functional foods that make my body feel and perform at new levels of vitality!"

~ Jenitha on the 'Inside 90'

Modern Kitchen

“Helped my energy flow in the house. I changed things in my home that other wise I would have never done if it wasn’t for Marcia.”

~ Liale on the 'Inside Decluttering'

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