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Do you believe in miracles? #Tipoftheweek - Episode 21

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This week, being Thanksgiving week, I had to do a special episode for the things to be thankful for. I know it's kind of typical, but this wasn't the usual "I'm grateful for my roof" kind of episode. Yes, it is important to learn to be grateful for those little things that so many times we take for granted, but what about the hardships? Shouldn't you be grateful for those, as well? I definitely say yes to that. The power of looking back at them, seeing the silver linings and how they made you grow, can be tremendous! Can you see how many turned out to become a miracle in your life? That's what I spoke about this week.

girl looking at a flower tree
Can you recognize the hardships that led you into a small miracle?

I talk about some of my "masters" and how a moment in life when I felt stuck without many options led me to leave my home country to New York City, and do what I am doing today. Something that was a hardship for me back then, turned out to be the universe correcting my path to be on my true mission. I never in my life dreamed about coming here, and yet nowadays when I walk out my door and get to see and be in the middle of this amazing skyline, I still get amazed by how this happened!

To find more, watch this week's Tip of The Week here (or click below)

See you next week!



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