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Going... Going... Gone! Out with the old and bring on the new...

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Declutter your home

After this transformative year, we could all use a break, so hopefully 2021 will be more gentle on us... Like it or not, our lives have changed to what many of us now refer to as “the new normal”. For most of us, we spent more time at home than we would expect. And when we had to stay at home, we realized that they were not as functional as we thought... Wasn’t it? Maybe your home was good to spend a few hours, but days in a row?... Let’s face it, we had to adjust and so did our homes!

So I would like to finish the year also reflecting on how 2020 changed our homes and our way of living - the challenges and the learnings - and come up with new Home goals for 2021! Your Home might need it now more than ever... I was inspired by Emily Fletcher’s program "finish strong, start stronger", as a tool to start the New Year, so I put together a small free PDF for you that can be downloaded below, just regarding goals for your Home. Please give it a try before the year ends!

I hope this can help you structure priorities into what you want to improve in your home, and start planning. It can be just that you only need to do a decluttering, or maybe you’ll want to redo a whole room or even just change an item... Whatever it is, this might give you just that one push you need, in order to get things done. And if you need an accountability partner, you've got one!

By the way, the word for my home in 2021 will be “glowing”. What will be yours? I would love to know!

Food is medicine but not the way that you think. If 2020 served us for something, I would say at least it brought to light how dysfunctional the way we are eating is. And how it’s making us more vulnerable to diseases... Although we’re still struggling with Covid-19 and mutations of the virus, never have you heard so many specialists and scientists agree about how levels of Vitamin D could impact how the virus affects you. Or how chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Obesity can be a risk factor in dealing with it.

Anecdotally or not, during the past year we had some of our WildFit clients getting “sick” with the virus, but luckily they barely had symptoms. Most of them were at a stage of the program where their nutrition was already so up, that it was easier on them. I was also barely affected by it, when I got it in the beginning of March. And what amazed me was that prior to taking the WildFit Challenge I suffered so much with sinuses episodes that would develop into a heavy cough/mucus inflammation in my chest for weeks, just out of a simple cold. And this time I only had a cough for 3-4 days - no mucus inflammation.

Do I think my change in lifestyle helped? I really do. There are many unknown factors about Covid-19 and other diseases but through my own experience and coaching others, I’ve seen how certain health conditions can be relieved and even reverted just by changing the way we eat.

So what do we mean with Food is Medicine? Is it that by eating certain foods you cure a disease? Not really... In WildFit we teach people to eat the way humans were intended, with a big focus on understanding their hungers and the psychology behind their eating habits. And one thing we always say is that food is not going to cure you, but the absent of certain foods might. Meaning that when you’re not getting all the nutrition you should, your body starts getting deficiencies and not working properly, creating a feeling of dis-ease. The reality is that the food industry is creating all this by providing more and more foods that are full of calories and empty of nutrients, and if we don’t pay attention to the ingredients in the labels of most foods, we end up eating sugar and processed food more than we would have intended. And yes, not only sugar is addictive, it is also the number 1 cause of inflammation. So when I see how people leave the door open to this because they think they can’t “give up on sugar”, I sometimes just want to go to them and whisper non stop “you can do it, thousands of people have done it, so you can do it too”...

Changing lifestyle is not as simple as one thinks, and it doesn’t happen within just a click, but it’s possible to do so in as little as 90 days, with the WildFit Challenge. And I would argue that due to all that is happening, there’s no better time than this, to start doing it. Right now is Covid-19, but in the future there will be other threats. Are you going to wait for something even worse? We haven’t even gone through the end of this one yet! The time has come, for you to decide if you live to eat, or eat to live... And if you have decided you eat to live and want to find out a non restricting way of keep enjoying food, I hope you try WildFit. Bonus - 9 Ways to boost your immune system. For now, I would like to leave you with a 30 min recording of a live streaming I did for my private Facebook group early January with 9 tips on how to boost your immune system. These are all easy tips that you can start implementing and they don’t involve just food. Hope this can help you regaining back a bit of your power and to start somewhere...


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