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How can we up our sustainable game? (Tip of the Week Ep 41)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This week we are celebrating nature and Earth Day, so it only made sense to bring a Tip Of The Week Episode dedicated to #sustainability. And so I really wanted to focus on both mindset and small little actions that each one of us can take regarding becoming more sustainable. But why am I talking about this?...

You might think sustainability has nothing to do with our energy, but the fact is that the disconnect we are having from nature is causing most of the health problems we have today, and in order for us to live like we were intended to - as a species - we do depend on nature. So what will happen when natural resources start being scarce? In fact, that is already happening in some parts of the planet due to Climate Change! So yes - implementing sustainability in our lives not only it is necessary, it is utmost urgent!

I believe that one of the big problems still is lack of information and actionable points, so most average citizen thinks they are doing their part just by recycling their garbage - which in NYC, you'll have to, as a part of every residential building rules. But it goes way beyond that...

person disposing banana peel on a recyclable bin set
Recycling bins at home

So on this episode, I wanted to challenge mindsets because most of us put all the responsibility into Government and big corporations, but we're all in this together. We all share the same planet! And yes, Government and corporations need to give the example, which unfortunately doesn't simply happen overnight, and not as most of us would desire but if we all start doing something, more companies will have to adjust. I believe, it will be easier for Governments to make the wheel turn, if more companies make pressure for it to happen. So it's all a circle of influence really...

Man on a electric scooter
Going to work in a "green way"

But politics aside, what are you doing - as an individual - to become more sustainable with your daily actions? If not much, maybe it's time to think about it... And, it doesn't have to be overnight. How about taking small steps and start integrating best practices into your daily routines? One step at a time, we can all create a ripple effect! So watch this Episode to find out:

  • How to find out your carbon emissions

  • How you can make a difference at work

  • Individual actions you can start to take

Find out more below!

Throughout centuries we had different Revolutions - from the Agricultural Revolution, to Industrial Revolution and most recently, Digital Revolution. And now we are entering the Sustainable Revolution. If you talk to any Gen Z person, you can tell how differently they are approaching their habits having sustainability in mind. And so, brands are adjusting... And WE ALL have to adjust! So my question to you is: "Are you going to watch it from the sidelines, or become a part of it?"

See you next week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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