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How can you can use Feng Shui in the entrance of your home? Episode 16 of #thetipfotheweek...

Updated: Feb 5

This week, I shared tips on how you can use Feng Shui in your entrance and why it matters. I gave examples from my own apartment entrance with the goal of giving you some direction. I practice the BTB method, but a lot of these tips go hand in hand with other Feng Shui Schools.

Some of the things discussed were:

  • Mirrors in the entrance and why you shouldn't use them facing the entrance door. There are exception, when you're trying to redirect energy but it will be a ver special case.

  • Artwork to use in entrance area - I suggested images of a sailing boat, as wealth ships can bring you abundance. And when you don't have space to display an actual boat miniature, an image of it can work quite as well.

  • Go for 'personal colors' in the artwork you have in the entrance - I am sure there's a color that speaks to you more, so try to have that color present in artwork or vases/decorative pieces when you walk into your home.

  • Pictures to use - identify who is living in this home, with happy pictures of you and your family. Note - if you're single it's ok to have a picture of yourself, but make sure you find a way to also include an artwork or objects symbolizing 2 people if you want to find a partner.

  • Important notes on the organization - your entrance should be free of clutter, as it is the "mouth of chi" and you must have free flow of energy there.

And if you haven't had the chance to see it yet, here's the video or click below.

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See you next week!


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