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How identifying your cascade foods can help you navigate the holiday season #tipoftheweek episode 15

Updated: Feb 5

Are you already feeling overwhelmed by the Holiday season coming in? Although it is nice to be with your family and friends, you are also scared of the extra pounds you will be gaining... I mean, between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukah and New Years' eve, everything revolves around food. And you know you can't resist those seasonal treats! And you know where they'll end up... In your hips, belly, legs,... Or, it doesn't really have to be that way! Even without a strict diet. Listen, there are many, many things to enjoy in the holidays and what best way to enjoy it, then have no guilt about what you eat? well, that is possible by starting to get more conscious about what you eat.

I know most of you reading, haven't been through WILDFIT® yet, so while you don't have all the right tools we do, I would say that a good way to start navigating this season, while trying to keep your weight, is by paying attention to those foods that will make you want to repeat and eat more of it (like finish more than you would normally eat). To me they were the sweets from the season, especially in Portugal, we had a lot of sweets with soft eggs, a dry fruits cake, and conventual sweets. It was just a spiral of sugar cravings. Not to mention the chocolate figures hanging from the Christmas tree. Can you relate?

Well, if you can pay close attention to those, and try to have just a little bite, or even take a vacation from it just these holidays season, it would already be huge progress. And with so many things to eat, if you take a vacation from a thing or two, you can still enjoy the rest of the menu fully!

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