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How to create a compromise to live a healthy lifestyle when you're so busy? (Tip of the Week Ep 46)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Time for another Tip of The Week Episode, and this time I’m talking about making compromises.

Compromises in a way that you still have your nutrition needs met and don’t end up screwing up!

That’s right - how many times did you mess up following “a diet” or trying to just eat healthier because you didn’t know what to do.

I'm as busy as the next person, and sometimes I get bored of eating always the same way with my home cooking and I start craving for variety. I know this is only one short distance away from me making a less good decision, and although there are certain lines I no longer get to cross, I still want what's best for my body!

So if you're wanting something fast to have on the go, without having to put much time into the cooking itself, nowadays you have some alternatives that can make your life easier. Even if sometimes these are not perfect - in the sense that they might still have some ingredients that are not really adding to your nutrition - at least they are somewhat neutral.

In the end it is not about perfection - it's about eating the best we can with what we find that also fits our schedule. Although if you prioritize the decisions you need to make, it will make your life easier. And as I mention in the video, it's about taking steps so the more you get to keep your promises, the better.

Let's say for example that you are gluten free, but wanted some kind of sandwich to go - there are some almond flour or coconut flour based wraps that you can buy, and which it can help you to build your own wrap, with more vegetables and some protein, than a pre-made one that you would buy on the street.

Of course I would still look at the listed ingredients because, as I pointed out many times before, it is not because it is labeled of gluten free, that is necessarily"safe" to eat. But I like that many brands are going away from potato and rice flours, into cassava or coconut flours instead, for their baked goods.

So watch this Tip of The Week episode to learn:

  • The first thing you should prioritize

  • What you can quickly get when you’re on the go

  • What things you should be paying attention when you’re buying better food alternatives

And that is it for this week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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