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How your environment may be interfering with your sleep

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Tip of The Week: Episode 47

It's Tip of The Week Day! So let's talk about sleep, for a minute. I've spoken about sleep before but mostly from the perspective of behaviors - things you might be doing throughout your day that can condition the quality of your sleep. This time let's approach it by looking at some external conditions (inside your bedroom) that might be contributing for those sleepless nights.

And why is sleep so important? Because a lot of our energy state depends on the quality of our sleep. When we sleep, we are regenerating our cells. And this happens when we hit the so called deep sleep, more often than not. So having a good amount of sleep and most importantly, a good quality of sleep is so important for keeping our youth.

  • My number number one tip is a Feng Shui tip that you might have heard of. It has to do with mirrors in the bedroom. These make the energy bounce around and so you might feel a bit restless, plus they amplify everything, including your worries. And even if you must have a mirror in the bedroom - do not place it in front of your bed. A mirror reflecting your bed can promote the intrusion of a third party into a couple's relationship and possibly encourage infidelity.

  • Restrain yourself to have computers, a desk and things like exercise gear in your bedroom. Computers, exercise gear, or a workspace in the bedroom are thought to distract from rest, symbolize wakefulness, and take up energy. If you have no choice, set up a screen to block your view of the exercise bike or desk when you are in bed.

  • Avoid having a TV in the bedroom. Not only this appliance is a reflective element that creates the same effect as a mirror, it is also usually positioned in front of us, meaning it will be reflecting the bed. Another thing to consider is the type of light that this device emits which is a blue light - so if you're watching TV in bed, you are communicating to your brain that is time to be awake. And still on the same subject, consider the EMFs that this device might be creating in your room... Which leads me to the next one...

  • Reduce EMF's in your bedroom. Some people are more sensitive to these and it impacts their sleep - apart from different studies that show how our exposure to these may lead to dementia and all sorts of other brain dysfunction. So disconnect (unplug) most devices around you, and have phones out of reach - like at least 3 ft away. If you must leave your phone on (for the alarm), disconnect it from your Wi-Fi - consider turning off your router/modem at night.

  • Make sure your bedroom is dark - even the light from a plug (if you still have any around), can be conditioning your sleep. When we used to sleep outside, we only had some moonlight and stars to accompany us, so in your bedroom home have as little light as you can. And if you're good with your circadian rhythm, you'll start to realize that you'll naturally wake up once the sunlight starts filling your room.

  • Check and improve the quality of the air in the bedroom. Make it a habit to ventilate your bedroom every now and then, to avoid getting potential bacteria and mold growth. Also, make sure your room is cool before you sleep - studies show that we sleep better in a cool environment - if we think about it, our species used to sleep outside so even in the summer it would be a bit more chill.

  • If possible avoid synthetic mattresses. There are many cheap mattresses out there that are releasing a big amount of toxins that may even be the cause for some cancers - and you are the first recipient of those toxins. When choosing a mattress, if you go for natural fibers, you're mimicking the natural environment and that will have a great impact in the quality of your sleep, especially the deep sleep.

Watch this Tip of The Week episode to learn more in depth about all of these:

And since our energy is highly impacted by the quality of your sleep, don't forget to check my free PDF on the "7 surprising mistakes that are absolutely draining your energy". This will help you consolidate the info on this article. That is it for this week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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