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I did a health program and why you should consider it too. FAQ #Tipoftheweek Episode 24

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Now, this Tip of The Week - curiously it was Episode #24 and we celebrate Christmas on December 24th - was all about questions that most people ask me, regarding doing a health program, and of course my WILDFIT® experience. I spoke about:

  • why did I pay for this program when there's so much information online, for free.

  • why did I decide to take the WILDFIT® 90 DAY CHALLENGE (what was the make it or break it to me)

  • how did I manage to do it while being so busy between work and a long daily commute

  • how did I keep up with the program (what tricks did I use)

  • how much effective time did I spend on it

You can watch it here.

Have you ever felt you kept trying to get things done by following someone online, or following some specific guidelines that should get you to achieve results and in the end, having no results? I sure did. And it was because I was so tired of trying different diets out there and failing, that I knew I needed a bigger shift. I needed to transform my lifestyle so that I wouldn't be feeling like I was missing out on all the foods that I somehow knew weren't serving me well, so I decided to take the 90 Day Challenge. The fact that I had a community going through the same challenges as I was, a coach to check in with, very well put together food guidelines for each week, as well as the educational videos from Eric Edmeades, made it easier for me to follow through. I kept going, although I wasn't able to cook all the time. I found out fun ways to make it work. And at every video, I was getting more clarity and excitement for the next week's videos. I was getting more excited about the possibility of food freedom.

The fact is that you learn so much about yourself during this program, that it can change your life in so many ways. What I didn't share on this Tip of The Week - and I'm sharing now - is that by doing the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge, I was able to tap into why I had become so addicted to sugar and how my sugar cravings were related to the type of work I was doing. It took me another 2 years to do something about that part of my life, but it was this new found awareness that led me to quit my job, during the pandemic. Right in the beginning of 2020 before the lockdown, I started to have talks with my bosses about possibly changing my job position, because I couldn't deal with the anxiety of sales goals, and managing responsibilities anymore. The pandemic turned out as an opportunity to quit my job, and do what I really love - which is to help people living a better life! Luckily, I am good friends with my bosses, and they understood.

So, maybe a health program can be for you… or not! But I hope you try to find out more about what's not working in your life, because the universe is working FOR YOU, in every way. Especially through the hardships. I believe that the universe finds ways to correct our paths… So now imagine what it would be like:

  • to walk into a bakery and not feel like you have to have that pastry anymore.

  • what it is to be living a life with much better energy and brain focus.

  • what is it like to get rid of those aches and pains and be able to finally pinpoint what was causing them.

  • transforming your health and reverting some chronic illnesses.

  • losing weight without recurring to will power all the time

So much is possible to do with just FOOD! In my 90 Day Challenge, I felt like I reset my whole system. And it was the beginning of a more conscious life in many ways. If you haven't done it yet, have a look at the Tip of The Week here (or watch it below) to find out what it was like for me 😉

See you next week!



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