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Previously, on the tip of the week... (my IGTV series compilation so far)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This is the compilation of all the previous #tipoftheweek episodes released weekly on my IGTV channel (@2beinsidesign), so far.

I am starting to post them here on the blog, on a weekly basis. But you can find the first 11 weeks below and select which one you missed and might want to watch!

- It all started here, with Episode 1 and I spoke about where do you begin your Transformation?

- Episode 2 was all about Yin and Yang energy in your home. The setting was quite dark, but I hope you'll watch it to understand why...

- On Episode 3, I spoke about reducing non-functional foods and even brought up the example of Cristiano Ronaldo (of course this was when the Euro Cup was happening).

- Episode 4 brought you tips on how to (re)connect with nature, and how important that is.

- On Episode 5 I gave out a fun tip on how to test if your home has good energy - a quick and easy way to do it yourself!

- Episode 6 talks about how important it is to build your identity.

- On Episode 7 I had a blast, taking you with me while grocery shopping, teaching you how I do it to avoid being tricked. (hint: this may even help with sugar craving)

- Episode 8 talks about how to improve your energy at home.

- Episode 9 is one of my most seen #tipoftheweek, as I tell you ways to avoid the toxins in your greens, and even help you understand why they exist.

- On Episode 10 I took you on a "tour" through Bryant Park, while I talk about ways to regulate your sleep using light.

- On Episode 11, I explored self-esteem and different ways that can make you feel good.

Don't forget to check all the Tip of the Week's episodes next!




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