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So you've heard the Words, but do you know what FENG SHUI is?

Updated: May 26, 2021

We've all heard about Feng Shui before, but do we know what it is or why is it used nowadays? Feng Shui is not a religion but it is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The practice has also borrowed concepts from Taoist philosophy. This Chinese philosophy focuses on the links between harmony, balanced energy and simplicity. Feng Shui uses these elements to bring tranquility and positivity into living environments and workspaces.

“Feng” translates from Standard Chinese as “wind.” “Shui” translates as “water.” The phrase “wind water” represents balance and the flow of energy. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the energy flow in each person's home or workplace reflects the circumstances in his or her life. This energy is often referred to as “Ch’i.” Ch’i translates to “air,” “life force” or “energy flow.” In the context of Feng Shui, Ch’i describes the energy you feel in a physical space.

In Feng Shui practice, everyone and everything connects through the flow of energy. Changes to your environment, including a room’s layout or color palette, will affect the balance and flow of Ch’i in the space. These changes to Ch’i flow, in turn, affect your wellbeing.

Have you ever walked into someone's space and felt a heavy/negative energy? Yes, your body can pick up on that. And in a way it is easier to explain it scientifically, more than you know - remember that approximately 70% of your body is made of water? Water can be so easily impacted by different vibrations/frequencies. If you never heard of the study by Dr. Masari Emoto, I recommend you to take a look at it.

picture of water crystals


It is impressive how just by having thoughts that create emotions like love, hate, peace, etc you can create different crystals in the water. So you can imagine how your body, made of water, can pick up on these vibrations. That's why crystals are also used for healing therapy, as their frequency can impact you. And everything is made of energy. Yes, even that chair lying on your living room. So imagine how much impact this energy around you can have.

Feng Shui practitioners design spaces that encourage well-balanced Ch’i to flow. By creating calm and relaxed feelings in these spaces, you'll feel the positive effects of that balanced energy. Ch’i that flows too quickly can make you feel stressed or unhappy. If the Ch’i doesn’t flow, the space will have stagnant energy. Stagnant Ch’i might make you feel uneasy or tired (decluttering is so important in these cases).

As I learn more and more with this ancient practice, I realize how things are even more connected than I initially thought when I started doing this. I love how both WildFit and Feng Shui are creating wellbeing by connecting us to nature. While Feng Shui uses the 5 natural elements in a space, WildFit is all about eating a natural diet.

picture of the 5 natural elements
The 5 elements of Feng Shui: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, Metal

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