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The cycle of Energy you should be looking at: #Tipoftheweek Episode 28

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Sometimes I just like to teak things around a bit, so this time I recorded this week's episode while walking in the NY streets... You can hear a little of background noise and me getting slightly out of breath as I was walking fast because of the cold... Yes it's been a freezing week! Literally...

This week I am bringing some insights on how your energy is so important and how it contributes to your home energy, and vice versa. The importance of cultivating good energy is imperative so that you don't break the harmony in your home. The same way that it is important that your home energy is balanced, so that it doesn't interfere with your energy. see how this all plays out?

I know that "energy" is something you cannot see, and I don't mean to go 'woo' here but the fact is that the objects that surround you, influence your subconscious mind. We're being bombarded with images ALL DAY, so you'd better be surrounded by things that give you a good feeling - either because they remind you of something good in your life, or because you just feel you like (a color, and object, etc...). I've talked about it in other episodes but the fact is that you don't want to have something like an image of a racing car, in your bedroom - you might love cars but a car on a race is something somewhat dangerous - and that might signal your brain that you need to be alert and make you have a hard time falling asleep. Yes, small things like that can influence us.

Pets and plants are known for bringing good energy to a home - they are a source of energy that help keeping us grounded. However, dying plants or a sick animal become negative Ch'i. The same way that we can bring our good energy into our homes, when we become sick we end up bringing negative energy to our homes.

So what can you do to change that? Start with the weakest part of the cycle. If it is yourself, work on your energy from inside. Through what you eat you can automatically improve your mental and physical state, so when you start there you can really affect your energy the most. And then there are things like Meditation, Breathwork, Gym, Yoga, etc that can also help you improve your energy. One of the easiest things to do is to start with ourselves.

If you feel your home is your weakest cycle, start with something as easy as decluttering. Most people have no idea how clutter can affect their energy. As your home gets clutter, you start feeling heavier and heavier, as well as lost in chaos. Which can seriously affect your mental state.

Watch this Tip of the Week Episode here or below

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See you next week!



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