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#tipoftheweek Episode17: How to avoid getting sick... And what to eat if you are sick

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This tip of the week episode was inspired by a post one of my clients sent me. Although she is a healthcare provider, she learned immensely throughout her WildFit challenge and she remembered how Eric Edmeades (founder of WildFit) had been jokingly saying the same as she saw in this post...

Knowing that this candy/sugar season has just started, I decided to share with you, why eating all this sugar might be causing you to get sick.

It's really not just a random thing - In the next 2 months, you have 4 big events that go around food. And not just any food... foods with higher sugar content! Coronaviruses (like the flu) tend to thrive on sugar, the same way a lot of scary diseases - like cancer - do.

Now, your sugar monster might be big and telling you that "you need" sugar and can never live without it, but the truth is, there's so much you can do about that dialog. In the meantime, while you're not ready to completely cut sugar from your life, please check my tip of the week episode 15, where I talk about identifying cascade foods and how that can help you reduce the sugar intake and navigate this holiday season. Sugar cravings are real and I know it oh so well, as I was addicted to it. And pssssst... It is not your fault, but the food industry with its marketing techniques, that is doing that to us.

In the second part of this week's episode, I spoke about why giving your body a break from its digestion, can help speed up your recovery/healing. That was part of my fast recovery of a #mildcovid experience, and if ou pay attention, most of us lose our appetite when we get a cold... Can you relate? Maybe it's your body telling you something... Watch this episode to find out more! And so it happens that the founder of WildFit was sick with Covid-19 last week and he documented it in several IG videos - go and check it out - lots of good stuff there.

And here's my Tip of the Week - Episode 17.

And now that we've talked about how to avoid getting sick, how would you like to feel more vibrant, and have a more stable energy? Do you know what might be draining you? For that, I just put together an audio and checklist with the 7 surprising mistakes that are draining your energy. If you want to move away from feeling low and anxious all the time, into a more vibrant self, without recurring to stimulants, then you have to get this FREE audio guide and checklist. Find out how these things are affecting you and what you can do instead.

See you next week!




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