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#tipoftheweek Episode18: Are you getting enough Vitamin D? How important is it?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

You've been hearing a lot about Vitamin D lately, right? Well, it may not be a just coincidence... Already in the past, there had been studies pointing at Vitamin D protective role against the Influenza virus, and although there weren't conclusive studies about it (it's not profitable to anyone when you can get Vitamin D for free, just by spending 10-15 min/day at the sun), during this Pandemic more doctors - like Dr. Mark Hyman - were pointing at it.

It does make sense to me, that this may be an important piece of the puzzle since a lot of people suffering from Obesity and Diabetes were more affected by this virus. And Vitamin D is apparently assisting on regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management.

But the importance of this Vitamin is not only linked to this pandemic. It's also highly linked to things that may contribute to your low energy. You see, Vitamin D low symptoms can include muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, and depression.

Here are some of the benefits linked to Vitamin D (source MedicalNewsToday):

  • promoting healthy bones and teeth

  • supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health

  • regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management

  • supporting lung function and cardiovascular health

  • influencing the expression of genes involved in cancer development

So what can you do to make sure you are taking enough Vitamin D?

  • The best is Vitamin D from the sun - so spend 10 -15 min/day out in the sun, without sunscreen - a shorter exposure to the sun won't be enough to cause you skin problems.

  • Vitamin D in food: rich fatty fish (Salmon), eggs, beef liver, etc, plus avocados help your body better absorb fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A, D, E.

  • In the winter/when you have less sun you can think of supplementing but if you do choose Vitamin D coupled with Vitamin K, so that it's easier for your body to absorb, and don't go beyond 600 IU/ day (average adult).

To find more, watch this week's Tip of The Week episode here

See you next week!


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