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What's the best way to start using Feng Shui: #Tipoftheweek Episode 29

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Welcome to another #tipoftheweek and this time, from my new office at Camerich NYC.

(Contact me to meet me there, and have a Feng Shui Consultation!)

In this episode, I’m talking about why and how you can start using #fengshui at home… Have you ever felt like:

👉🏼there is one (or more areas) in your life that seem stagnant or even problematic?

Then, you can really make a change just by decluttering and enhance a certain correspondent #gua . What do I mean by this? Each Feng Shui 'Gua' symbolizes an area of your life, and they are organized in what we cal the "bagua" map. So when you feel something 'is off' with a certain area of your life, one thing you can look at right away is if the corresponding area of your home has clutter. Looking at it from a deeper Feng Shui perspective, we look to see if there are some architectural elements that are creating what we call 'poison arrows', and also identifying if there is a part of the 'Gua'missing (it happens a lot when you have irregular floor plans).

You can then try to balance it, by bringing objects with colors/shapes of the natural elements of that area, to enhance it. You can work with the constructive and destructive cycles, and / or apply what we call of Feng Shui Cures. These cures can be very simple things like plants, crystals, wind chimes and even certain ancient symbols.

WInd chime outside
WInd Chime

Watch this Tip of the Week Episode here or below

See you next week!



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