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What to do, to keep your peace in times of uncertainty and fear? (PART II) #Tipoftheweek Episode 34

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I can’t believe another week has past! And this week, being my Birthday week and due to all it’s happening in the world, as I kept seeing close friends dwelling with sadness, I’m giving you a few extra tips on how you can automatically #raiseyourfrequency to snap out of that #sad and #anxiety state. Note: If you haven't seen the episode from last week, please check Part I here

Like I've been saying, I believe it’s part of our duty to keep in a self vibration of love and peace, so that we can collectively send that energy out. If you’re feeling helpless and are not in a place directly hit by the conflict, there’s so much you can do yourself… Remember that ☮️ ”peace begins with you” and you don’t want to send a vibration of sadness and hate out there, right? Hate leads to more hate… The same way that peace leads to more peace, so let's all communicate more of that to the universe... 🕊

In this episode, I’m talking about:

- How you need to stay out of the news outlets!!!!

- How using your senses (ear and smell) can help you "snap" out of that sad feeling

- How by using color in small objects around you, you're bringing joy into your life

- A mantra that you can use coordinated with your hands

- How taking a break from stimulants can help

white bird flying - peace

As a final note, I just want to say that no matter how sad this all is and that we might all get affected one way or the other, we need to put our oxygen mask first! If #selfcare is needed, now it’s the time for sure!

Watch this Tip of the Week Episode below

As I mentioned the tea I'm drinking, and why you should stay out of stimulants, I am giving you 5 creamy and delicious coffee alternative recipes, for you to start those rituals, for real!... And easily! So go ahead and download them here

See you next week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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