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Why are those fillers added to our foods? Episode 13 of the #TipoftheWeek

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

On the previous Episode I had mentioned how the food was starting to be different everywhere, including in smaller countries like Portugal. And that was one of the things I had noticed while traveling. Funny enough, Pamela LaPointe, one of my WildFit Coaches colleagues made an extensive post about it, on Facebook and it was even more clear to me that this is something to avoid. By default, it was out of my meals, because processed ingredients are no longer part of my diet, and to me, things like "Xantham Gum", "Locust Bean Gum", "Gellan Gum" and "Guar Gum" (to give you the most common examples), have PROCESSED FOOD written all over...

So I took it a bit further, and on this Episode of the Tip of The Week, I explain what "gums" are, what they do to us, and why they seem to be everywhere, now.

I took this video of an Almond Milk package that my mother had in her pantry. You can tell that the images in the package are all very "natural". It says no added sugars or gluten. But then it has different types of gums to thicken or emulsify it. "Carob Gum" (first time seeing this one, but I can understand it, as carob is cheaper than almonds) and "Gellan Gum". A total greenwash!

Watch my #tipoftheweek Episode and if you want to read about it, Pamela LaPointe explains it really well here.

Until next week!Xoxo

P.S- Don't forget to get my FREE PDF list for "the 65 hidden names of sugar" here.

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