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Why is it so important to be connected to Nature? #Tipoftheweek Episode 26

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of my Tip of the Week of 2022!

I wanted to start the year by talking about the things that I am passionate about. The things that keep me going on this journey, and that in the end are the reason why I founded 2 be Insidesign.

And for that, I need to go back to what's at the core of my programs, which is helping people live a better life through better energy. And I cannot talk about that, without the connection we have with nature.

We are a human species - homo sapiens - and although our software has advanced more in the last century than the past thousands of years, our hardware is still true to its core. And as such, we get ‘bugs’ all the time because our system keeps having a failure trying to run the modern software from nowadays. (hope you got the analogy with the processed foods and synthetic materials we're surrounded by).

One of the things that are dear to my heart is our planet earth 🌍 - after all, we can't be healthy on a sick planet… And although many of us think there's nothing we can do as individuals, I still believe we can…

Like my friend who just launched her new Wantsuit (that I am wearing while shooting this episode) - not without researching how she could do her product in a more sustainable way while meeting the product requirements, she had in mind.

It took her 3 years, a lot of $$, and here she is finally having her soft launch! I love how beautiful and functional it is, but the fact that she cared about things like the packaging, the fabric, and even the tags, makes me rave about it even more.

And I believe that most of us - entrepreneurs of nowadays - have the difficult but rewarding task to look for better and more creative solutions that have sustainability 🌱 as a premise.

Watch this Tip of the Week Episode here or below

What does all of this sustainability have to do with FOOD and Feng Shui? For me is all about eating the most natural food we can, to avoid unease in our body. The same way that it is all about being surrounded by natural materials as much as possible - at least in the things we use the most like our sofas or beds - and to connect to the 5 elements, through the right use of colors, textures and shapes.

And talking about eating in a more natural way, that has been one of the major things leading people to obesity and diabetes - eating everything else but natural foods. We have too much sugar, fillings, natural flavors, etc in our foods, and this is impacting how our body deals with it.

So this week, I'm leaving you a very special invitation here. 👉🏼 Join me on my NEW FREE LIVE ⚡️ Masterclass: “The 3 most effective strategies to kickstart weight loss, without exercise”.

I developed this Masterclass for everyone who wants to either kickstart their weight loss or prevent from gaining weight, going forward.

I'll be talking about things based on WILDFIT® principles, that you can start implementing right away.

Plus you'll get to a special Q&A with me, where I'll get your most important questions regarding health/weight loss, answered. What better way to start taking action? 😉

See you next week!



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