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Why you should create new memories around food #Tipoftheweek Episode 31

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

And here we go! Time to another episode of the #tipoftheweek and time to go back to our energy through food! On this episode I dive deep into the connection of #food and #memories and why we have all our senses involved in eating.

Have you ever walked into a place were they were grinding coffee beans and all the sudden you wanted to drink coffee, even if that wasn't your intention when you walked into that place? That's because food are memories and we are literally eating our memories away!

Watch this Tip of the Week Episode here or below

Stay with me until the end of this video to find out:

- how to know if you’re #craving a food or something else

- what can you do to avoid falling into the trap of eating something you weren’t even thinking about

- how to create new memories around more functional foods

I explain further in this video why is it that our senses are so involved in food, as well as why they relate to our experiences in life and the memories we build. And as I gave you the #coffee example, if you're considering changing into a caffeine free drink, why not making a new memory around it? Why not create a new ritual, around it?

What does coffee remind you of? Is it that cozy moment when it was cold outside and you were drinking it inside around a fireplace, or wrapped in a cozy blanket? Or is it your early morning wake-up ritual? What is it for you? If it is an early morning ritual, try making something really specific to that new drink - maybe a new mug you love, surrounded by your favorite objects in your favorite spot in your home... If it is that cozy feel, a memory of times spent with friends, take this new drink on the next vacation getaway! Create the reality you want to be in! 😉

And if you want a little help on creating new rituals around coffee for instance, find my new FREE PDF Download with '5 creamy and delicious coffee alternatives'- I am sure you'll find some warm drinks that can help you instill new morning/day routines!

See you next week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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