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Basic Feng-Shui consultation, for 1 room, when keeping existing furniture (maybe adding/replacing a few accessories) WITHOUT new furniture options. Accessorizing/remodeling with Feng Shui deliverables, for ONE room:

    •    Floorplan bagua
    •    Feng Shui adjustments
    •    Yin/Yang balance
    •    Color study

    •    Optional extra: $100 in-person visit (NYC metro area only)

    •    Optional extra: $200 in-person blessing ceremony (NYC metro area only)

*Note: If you want to add another room, there will be an additional $180 fee/room

Inside 1 Chi: $299 (Feng-Shui Consultation)

  • - This payment is non refundable, since it will include a first consultation via zoom, to prepare the remaining work with you - to understand your needs and intention, as well as budget, etc. (If you still have any questions if you would like to do this service, I reccomend to schedule a free coaching with me first. Available to schedule through the website)

    - The duration of work will be up to 1 month from the payment.

    - Although the payment of the basic program will be made through the website, if you decide to upgrade to the more complete Feng Shui options, you can make the remaining payments directly to 2 Be Insidesign via PayPal, Venmo or Wire Transfer.

    -At the end, once you have all the items in place, you can choose to book a Blessing Ceremony (this is an optional service). The Blessing Ceremony in Feng Shui, is not religious, and has only the purpose of setting the intentions per room, so that you can attract what you desire in your life. You can choose to add this service at any point and it will be billed seprately, at the time of the ceremony. (Available in NYC only).

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