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Inside More Rooms - $549

Add on to the "Total Inside Out" program. Per room, when using mostly new furniture and accessories.


If you want help designing more than one room, and where you will need product and design research for other rooms. Choose this program if you are adding a lot of new pieces or everything new. If you're just restyling a room, use the Inside Chi program to add on.


Can only be purchased after/with the "Total Inside Out" program. Includes the same deliverables.


Inside Your Body Follow Up - $324

6 one on one sessions

So you finished your WildFit 90 Day Challenge and now you need some help for some specific times throughout the year, and even advice on other areas that can enhance your transformation - I am here to help.


You can use these sessions in a space of 1 Year (all in the same month, or as you go) for these and more:


  • Navigating through the Holiday season

  • Going back to Spring on your own

  • Refining Living WildFit ratios

  • Planning for family events

  • Getting back to high intensity exercise

Includes 6 One on one coaching sessions, via Zoom (1h approx)

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