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Inside 360

During most “diets” people can’t wait to be done with it. In WildFit, people don’t want to leave - because they understand it is a way of life.


Inside 360 is a program for those who want that extra support beyond the 90 days. It will offer the WildFit 90 Day Challenge and extend it through the Living WildFit Membership, plus with the extra one on one calls, you will find it easier to navigate those first steps.

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​What is WildFit 90?

WildFit 90 is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.

This is a food methodology that works for people who want to release weight, gain or maintain weight, athletes seeking peak performance, or really, anyone who wants to live longer and with greater vitality.

WildFit 90 will teach you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.

During this 90-day experience, you’ll learn:

  • How to work with the 6 Human Hungers so you can interpret cravings correctly (because your body doesn’t actually want an entire pint of ice cream!)

  • How to eat in alignment with the 4 natural food seasons for humans

  • Exactly which foods tell the body to go into Spring (the fat-burning season)

  • Proven mindset & behavioral techniques to make sure that you NEVER feel powerless to food again

  • How to access your intuition (instead of willpower) to guide your food choices, and much more.



​If you’ve had an awful day, what should you do?  Eat! 

If you’ve had a fantastic day, what should you do?  Eat! 

If you’re bored, what should you do?  Eat!


Here's a snapshot of WildFit 90

​Week 1: Foundations & Emotional Eating
Week 2 - 3: Sugar Transition - Part 1
Week 4 - 5: Learning to LOVE The Good Stuff
Week 6 - 10: Spring
Week 11: Ease Out of Spring
Week 12: Back into Spring
Week 13: Living WildFit

*More Details on the Inside 90 page

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The Living WildFit membership was developed to help you become a better human and live a better life. 

Our mission is to leave you feeling supported, connected and empowered after each call and throughout each month.

  • You’ll learn how to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. 

  • You’ll connect with people from around the world and create new friendships. 

  • You’ll stand taller with the confidence in knowing you CAN become the best version of yourself.



What if Day 90 was just the beginning of your WildFit journey?

What if the magic truly started once you completed the foundational 90 day program?

Living WildFit members know that WildFit is a lifestyle, not a quick-fix, and that real progress is made when you incorporate everything you’ve learned into your daily habits and routines. 

Every ending is always followed by a powerful new beginning. 

Welcome to your brand new life. 

Welcome to Living WildFit.


Inside 360 - $1,832

  • Introduction to your 90 days-mindfulness approach - valued at $100

  • WildFit 90 video content library (available for life) - valued at $895

  • Group coaching and bi-weekly calls through the 90 days - valued at $640

  • Facebook community group

  • Living WildFit e-book

  • 1 Year of Living WildFit Membership - valued at $197 (includes own Facebook community group, Monthly 1x live Workshop + 1 x live check in (post challenge)

  • 3 x one on one calls (to use anytime within 6 months post challenge) - valued at $300


  • *Bonuses

  • Holiday cookbook

  • Living WildFit cookbook

  • Water Bottle

  • FREE 3x one on one calls


  • Journal

  • Fitness trial

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Extra one on one coaching

3x one on one coaching calls (to be used in a space of 6 months after the challenge)

When you need that extra support:

  • Holidays gatherings coming

  • Building a strong seasonal ratio

  • Preparing for vacation

  • Etc

It's no accident that over 90% of WildFit participants successfully complete this 90 - days program. WildFit has been meticulously created and updated over 10 years of working with tens of thousands of clients.

I firmly believe that WildFit will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, I will be happy to offer you a full refund.