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Inside Decluttering

Thinking of a way to hack your body and home all at once, this program was created for those who have done the WILDFIT® 90 Day challenge before.

Sometimes we want to put ourselves into Spring, and we want a bit of that extra support.

This is a fast way of combining going “Back to Spring”, together with Fasting and Home Organizing consisting of Decluttering and Repositioning of furniture/ accessories..

You will be taken in this journey for 5 weeks, where the last week will be more about going in/out of fasting while refining last decor details, for a better Feng Shui.

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What you can expect of these 5 weeks journey:

  • How easy it is going back into Spring

  • New recipes to try out

  • Freedom from non-functional foods that were still lingering back

  • Extra detox/cleansing through fasting and decluttering your home

  • Discovering what furniture is really working in your space

  • How to get rid of pieces and items you no longer want to keep

  • How to optimize your space to be functional and have good chi (energy)

  • How to feel beautiful inside out

  • Setting up clear goals with the help of a personal Vision Board


What’s included in the “Inside Decluttering” 


5 Week program:


  • Week 1 - Foundation + Sugar Transition

  • Week 2-4 - Spring

  • Week 5 Ease out of Spring + fasting

  • Planning your next WILDFIT® ratios

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What’s included in the “Inside Decluttering” 


5 Week program:



  • Week 1 - WILDFIT® Summer or Fall | Feng Shui intro | Decluttering technique

  • Week 2 - WILDFIT® Spring | Testing if your home has good energy | Furniture placement

  • Week 3 - WILDFIT® Spring | Bagua map | Integration of previous week

  • Week 4 - WILDFIT® Spring | Bagua of the Kitchen | Vision board

  • Week 5 - WILDFIT® Spring + Fast | Next WildFit seasons| Feng Shui cures | Blessing ceremony

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Inside Decluttering - $525


  • Introduction to your decluttering program-mindfulness approach - valued at $100

  • Weekly videos - valued at $100

  • 5 week reset - back to spring + 3 day water fast - valued at $300

  • Facebook + Telegram community group 

  • Weekly Facebook Live for extra Q&A

  • Weekly Coaching group calls on Spring, plus how to organize/declutter your Home - valued at $150

  • Floorplan bagua - valued at $75



  • Vision Board - valued at $150

  • Personal Feng Shui areas - valued at $100

  • Meditations - valued at $150

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*Aditional Bonuses

  • 1 x one on one calls (to use anytime up to 6 weeks)

  • Breathwork session with a special coach

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