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Inside Decluttering

Thinking of a way to hack your body and home all at once, this program was created for those who have done the WildFit 90 Day challenge before.

Sometimes we want to put ourselves into Spring, and we want a bit of that extra support.

This is a fast way of combining going “Back to Spring”, together with Fasting and Home Organizing consisting of Decluttering and Repositioning of furniture/ accessories..

You will be taken in this journey for 5 weeks, where the last week will be more about going in/out of fasting while refining last decor details, for a better Feng Shui.

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What you can expect of these 5 weeks journey:

  • How easy it is going back into Spring

  • New recipes to try out

  • Freedom from non-functional foods that were still lingering back

  • Extra detox/cleansing through fasting

  • Discovering what furniture is really working in your space

  • How to get rid of pieces and items you no longer want to keep

  • How to optimize your space to be functional and have good chi (energy)

  • How to feel beautiful inside out


What’s included in the “Inside Decluttering” 


5 Week program:


  • Week 1 - Foundation + Sugar Transition

  • Week 2-4 - Spring

  • Week 5 Ease out of Spring + fasting

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What’s included in the “Inside Decluttering” 


5 Week program:



  • Week 1 - Floor plan analysis

  • Week 2- Getting deep into the Baguas

  • Week 3 - What's a keeper?

  • Week 4 - Disposing (resell or garbage)

  • Week 5 - Reorganize

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Inside Decluttering - $625


  • Introduction to your decluttering program-mindfulness approach - valued at $100

  • 4 week reset - back to spring - valued at $300

  • Fasting

  • Facebook community group

  • Coaching group calls bi-weekly - valued at $150


  • HOME

  • Floorplan bagua - valued at $75

  • Weekly group call on steps on how to organize your room - valued at $100

  • Reselling your furniture (5% commission of your sales)

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  • 1 x one on one calls (to use anytime up to 6 weeks)

  • -Session of breathwork