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Marcia Mendes

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Hi, I am Marcia!

I believe that energy comes from INSIDE – what you put in your body and your home!

Originally from Portugal, having moved into NY has changed not only my life but also, the way I was eating. As an “Ex-Sugar Addict”, I can say that I thank WILDFIT® for forever changing my relationship with food and transforming me into a healthier being (goodbye to sinuses infection episodes yay!), since 3 years ago!… And now I help others to do the same!

I love to help people break up with their sugar cravings and reclaim their health and energy. Working with me you’ll get to transform INSIDE OUT!

I love music (I secretly DJ some Deep House music), the NY energy – urban fast-paced environments – and by living here I understand well the challenges of preparing foods, ordering out, etc., while we’re on the go. So don’t worry- I got a few tricks of my own, as I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen myself! Plus my clients regain a new taste for cooking!

Because your energy is highly dependable on you and your direct environment… I’m using my years of Interior Design experience, together with my Architecture background and Feng Shui Certification, to help you transform the energy of your BODY and HOME. Ready to reset and declutter INSIDE OUT? Let’s do it!


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