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#tipoftheweek Episode19: Mindset - This one little thing is what's keeping you from taking action

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Have you ever noticed how a lot of the time, you know that you need to do something different in order to change a circumstance in your life, but you still can't do anything about it? No first steps... Nothing. Why is that?

In this week's episode I talk about how our brains are still hardwired as if we were living in the stone age. You see back then, if you would go out of the cave and choose to go through a different path, you might end up being eaten by a lion. So your body has developed these defense mechanisms to "keep you safe". It wants us to be surrounded by environment and things that are familiar to us... It needs this certainty. When it doesn't have that, it may start producing cortisol (which nowadays translates into stress), and creating those thoughts and scary feelings, so that we can be alert. And that's why we are so afraid to take a different path - afraid to change something.

And you may ask: times changed so much, and most of us won't be risking being eaten by a lion ever in our lives, why do we still act this way? And how can we change this?

Well, first of all, our evolution took hundreds of thousands of years to take place, so don't expect our hardware to change overnight. But, it is true that you can do something about it. First thing is to really take a good couple of breaths and communicate to your brain "I am safe - it is safe out there". After that you can start doing the 2 lists that I talk about in my video, on this week's episode, to start getting out of your comfort zone!

To find more, watch this week's Tip of The Week here (or click below)

And maybe you'll want to use these 2 lists to help you taking action on improving your energy. And if so, you want to start here - by knowing what might be draining you. I put together an audio and checklist with the 7 surprising mistakes that are draining your energy. If you want to move away from feeling low and anxious all the time, into a more vibrant self, without recurring to stimulants, then you have to get this FREE audio guide and checklist.

See you next week!



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