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Is coffee affecting your energy? Episode 14 of #tipoftheweek

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This episode created a bit of a "turmoil" and even if you like coffee (I still drink it from time to time as a hack), I ask you to listen to it. Sometimes it is important to remove things out of your daily habits and see if you actually benefit from them.

I never thought coffee was having an impact on me, or even considered removing it from my daily routine. But when I removed it as a part of a nutritional health program (WILDFT®) I understood how it was affecting me. Not only that, but removing it the way I did, offered me a perspective on how to remove it with barely withdrawal symptoms, and how I could have it if would choose to have it.

Coffee itself exists in nature as a"natural insecticide", as it keeps pests away. It didn't exist in nature to be consumed by us, humans. The adrenaline you feel when you drink coffee is nothing more than your body trying to get rid of a toxin out of its system, as fast as it can. But once you start doing it as a routine, you'll start "needing" it more and more because the effect wears out too quickly and caffeine is highly addictive. Coffee as a hack can be great! But as a habit, it is not. And I have to say I was surprised at how I was able to make this shift when I had a real deep emotional connection with it. It had a meaning behind it. It was how I started my day. It was how successful people were starting their day.

What I realized when I got off of coffee was that:

- I had more stable energy without coffee, than when I was drinking it on a regular basis

- I was ready to work right in the morning without having to drag myself for a cup of coffee

- I wasn't tired and needing of another coffee in the afternoon

- I had better clarity (no brain fog)

- I was sleeping better/deeper (although coffee never affected my ability to fall asleep, it did impact my deep sleep)

Curious about coffee and "hidden truths behind it? Watch this video...

And here's my #tipoftheweek episode on coffee.

But... This was my former self - when I used to believe coffee equaled success...

Marcia drinking a Starbucks coffee
Me, when I was still "proud" of walking the NY streets drinking coffee

And here's a true story from a recent client on how happy she was now that she was no longer depending on coffee, and how people who work in the health care industry are so dependent on it...

Until next week!Xoxo

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