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#tipoftheweek Episode20: Mindset - why making yourself a priority is important

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This week I've decided to expand a bit from last week's episode and to continue exploring the mindset in creating change.

If by one hand, staying in the same known place creates a false sense of security, as I talked about last week, another thing that can come up, in what regards to behavior change is the "I don't have time for this, right now" feeling. Because we think we already have too many things on our plate and this would add another thing to our already very long "to do list".

Many of my clients, when they inquire about the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge, are afraid of not managing having to cook new recipes for themselves plus possibly different meals for others, and still have the time for their work, and daily chores. And for some, it becomes the reason why they don't do it...

We (and I have to say especially women) do this, so that we can give more attention to our spouses, kids, family and even friends, failing to see that if we continue to do so our energy will eventually run dry and in a very near future, not only we'll be missing out on ourselves - we'll be missing out on others too! I'm sure you've heard of self care a lot lately, but most people haven't yet realized they need that self care... And speaking of self care, one of the things that needs to be 100% prioritized is your sleep! Arianna Huffington talks about it on her book "The Sleep Revolution", and her story became so well known as the classic example of what happens when you don't prioritize yourself. She spoke openly about how she was sleep deprived and how that led her to eventually faint of exhaustion. Luckily her injury was not so bad and she lived to tell the story. In fact she learned from it, and part of her mission is to create awareness for the importance of sleep.

So today, I'm asking you to stop, take a breather and then focus on your immediate goals and what needs to be done, in order to accomplish those. The next step, is to become very clear on what are your priorities, and what/who can wait a few hours/days. When you are clear on the things that really matter, you can start planning your days in a better way and yes - make it detailed if it has to.

To find more, watch this week's Tip of The Week here (or click below)

And talking about sleep, you will want to start here - by knowing what might be draining you, contributing for a lack of sleep. I put together an audio guide and checklist with the 7 surprising mistakes that are draining your energy. If you want to move away from feeling tired with lack of sleep, into a rested self, then you have to get this FREE audio guide and checklist.

See you next week!



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