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What does it mean to eat healthy? (Tip of the week Episode 38)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This week I’m picking up on what it means to “eat healthy”, and giving you some tips on what to look for before you turn your lifestyle around.

Remember that what you eat is really what fuels your body so before you change the way you eat, do your informative research.

Now… talking about researches, did you know that a lot of big food industries are behind a lot of supposedly “credible” studies out there?

For instance, did you know that we started blaming fat for heart attacks largely based on a Harvard ‘research’ which later on was found to to be funded by the sugar industry? The real reason behind that study funded by companies like Kellogg Co and Coca-Cola was to steer away from the fact that sugar was the real danger. (You can find many articles on this nowadays).

And guess what is one of the main ingredients in Kellogg’s or Coca-Cola? That’s right - sugar! Can you imagine their losses if the Harvard study would have pointed out to the real cause, which today we know to be sugar?

So before you start trusting every research just because there’s a science study behind it, look for who funded it. 😉

Watch the full video to dive deep into:

- what to look for when you change into a ‘healthy lifestyle’

- how important it is to look at food labels to know the ingredients in your food

- supplements you should take when changing to a plant based regimen

Find out more below!

People believe that eating healthy means eating mostly plants, which in a way is true but you'll have to look at the quality of the ingredients you mix them with. Unfortunately when you're mixing them with starches, glutens, processed ingredients and sugars that are present in a lot of the sauces, dips, etc, you are not eating healthy. Not to mention vegan replacements that are made with a 'meaty' flavor in mind. So be careful out there!

See you next week!

Xoxo, Marcia


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