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#tipoftheweek Episode 25: Intentions, New Year Resolutions and Vision Board in a Feng Shui way

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Happy New Year!!!! 2022 is here and I hope it has arrived with a bang! (in a good way, of course)

And with the New Year, a few resolutions are in order, so I thought I'd chime in with a few suggestions on this episode of the #tipoftheweek. Diving into creating resolutions just for the sake of it, won't work. So why not do it in a proper way, and make it work for you? My wish for 2022 is that you are able to stick to all those resolutions, and are happy about your year. So here's how to do it:

  • Set an intention for what you want your year to be, and choose a word for it. When you have a word in mind, is easier to remember it often.

  • Reflect on the past year from a gratitude perspective

  • See if you still want to add some of the resolutions you couldn't keep.

  • Create your New Year's resolution list, but make it small (to the essential)

  • Put it on a vision board (either with a collage on your phone, or on a physical board), and put your intention word in the middle

  • Create your Vision Board using the directions in 'The Energy Number Book' book from Marie Diamond

Watch this episode of the Tip of The Week here.

Now, as a bonus gift to you, when you subscribe to my special list, I will send you a diagram with the right placement and colors to use on your vision board, according to the Energy Number book. All you need to do is to reply to this email here, with your full birth date (trust me, it's not the same as your numerology number).


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